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8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Keynote - Shifting Philanthropy From Charity to Justice

Speaker: Kia Jarmon


Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Philanthropy is commendable but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice, which make philanthropy necessary.” Impactful philanthropy requires us to go beyond “charity” for the sake of feeling and looking good. Instead we must look towards justice which gives space for historical perspective and a framework that rights historic wrongs. Opening speaker Kia Jarmon will charge participants with understanding the importance of justice and liberation in their philanthropic efforts. 

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

5 Ways to Get More Done Before Lunch
(Track: Initiative IN Professional Development)

Speaker: Sarah Ohanesian


You are busy! There is an endless to-do list, and your attention and time get spread thin. Imagine if you got out from under your never-ending lists, always knew what to work on next, and reduced your stress!? Learn how to manage your to-dos, set your day up for maximum efficiency, combat distractions, and fight burnout. In this jam-packed session, Sarah will break down simple and actionable steps that make a big impact. Walk away with 5+ easy-to-implement ways to get more done immediately. Hands-on exercises ensure you leave this session equipped to get the right things done before lunch!

The Importance of Board Diversity and its Impact on Your Organization and Fundraising
(Track: Leadership IN Action)

Speakers: So Jung, MSSP, Jeremy Hildago, and Michael Ticzon, CFRE


Learn how board composition can affect your fundraising tactics. Board composition and nonprofit board diversifying is key in helping an organization succeed in achieving its mission, vision and goals. These will be the sub topics presented on:
1) Considerations when creating a diverse board.
2) Defining diversity in board composition and how that can improve fundraising tactics.
3) Recruitment strategy of BIPOC high net worth individuals.
4) Engaging case studies to differentiate a diverse board versus a homogenous board.

Unlocking the Power of DAFs
(Track: Philanthropy IN Practice)

Speaker: Jason Arbacheski, CAP


Donor-advised funds (DAFs) have become a growing source of charitable giving in recent years, with payout rates of over 23 percent, far higher than many of America’s largest foundations. In fact, McKenzie Scott, former spouse of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, it able to maximize her philanthropic clout by routing her money through a DAF, rather a foundation (the strategy often employed by previous generations of billionaires).

This course will explain the basics of a DAF, the tax advantages for the donor, and will explain the difference between a private foundation, commercial DAF, and community foundation, along with the latest proposed federal legislation which could impact DAFs in the future.  Finally, this course will emphasize how critical it is to identify and engage professional advisors, who are hugely important in the philanthropic planning discussion. Join us for a packed course filled with all you wanted to know about DAFs and how they can benefit your organization.

Turning Insight into Action: Using Data to Drive Your Fundraising Strategy
(Track: Technology IN Motion)

Speakers: Jeff Vogel and Julia Gackenbach


As a nonprofit professional, you know general information about most of your donors. You know that Dawn likes to get mail and that Paul would rather chat on the phone. But do you know general trends and preferences when it comes to your donor base as a group?

In this session, DonorPerfect experts will use real examples to illustrate how data leads to insights, which leads into strategy and action. We will show how gift and donor data can transform your understanding of segments of your supporters, and how that can unlock new strategies to engage with your best supporters and build your community. We will also couple the data information with real fundraising tips and tricks to help you apply data knowledge in everyday development strategies.

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

I'm New and I Want to Be Good
(Track: Initiative IN Professional Development)

Speaker: Mark Chilutti, CFRE


Everybody was new once, and often look back later in our careers and say “I wish I knew this sooner.” By attending this session, you will learn key tips from a seasoned fundraiser that will move you forward faster. You'll hear about the things you need to learn about your organization, key words and phrases that sound much better than "I'm a fundraiser," and "please make a donation." We’ll discuss and develop your “elevator speech,” discuss the importance of relationship building, the value of AFP and having a mentor, and more! It will be fast, fun, and engaging, and you will leave with the confidence that is needed to help you better engage with donors and prospects, and the skills to achieve success quicker.

Cultivating Black Leadership and Why It Matters
(Track: Leadership IN Action)

Speaker: Sophia Peake, MPA


Despite many DEI efforts, Black Leadership is on the decline. It's been two years since America had a racial awakening and many institutions have since taken deep dives into DEI efforts, however, Black professionals continue to report not feeling like they can bring their full selves to work- what gives? Studies show that diversity in leadership teams increases revenue and improves innovation and outcomes. In the nonprofit sector, having more Black leaders in senior roles lead to increased empathy and an understanding of community needs and where to prioritize funding in order to help populations who are historically marginalized and oppressed.

This presentation puts an emphasis on the importance of cultivating Black leaders and is for organizations who seek to radically shift their cultural landscape and improve diversity challenges. It's for white professionals in Leadership who seek to become [more] culturally aware, and for Black professionals who seek to deepen their leadership journey- no matter where they are- by leaning into being their authentic selves. After this session, you will know how to:

  • Help institutions do better at cultivating and retaining Black leadership

  • Help organizations go beyond the lip service of diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Empower Black and brown professionals to express their authenticity, own their voice and their power, and be unapologetically true to themselves while embodying leadership– no matter where they are in their career journey.

Fearless Gift Planning
(Track: Philanthropy IN Practice)

Speakers: Kelly Grattan, PhD, MBA, CAP, CFRE and Gregory Wilson, CAP, CFRE


We all know the best time to launch a robust planned giving program is the day your organization receives its 501C3 status, and we’re also very aware that most organizations are long past that time with little to show on the planned giving front. Embracing an “it’s never too late” mentality, it’s time to face planned giving head-on, with a fearlessness that will jump start even the most nascent planned giving program. In this session, we’ll show you the basics PLUS some of the latest, most innovative approaches, tools, and resources and why you don’t need to be fluent in CLTs and CGAs to make this happen for your organization.

Empowering Volunteers as Effective Fundraisers
(Track: Prosperity IN Equity)

Speaker: Leigh Ann Bridges, MA


This program will explore the innovative ways that volunteers can interact with donors differently than advancement staff can, and how you can capitalize on that unique relationship to close more major gifts. We will discuss how to identify the best volunteers to fundraise for your organization and give them the tools they need to successfully help build your major gifts program. You'll learn how to identify your volunteers' strengths and make the best use of their skills and time, how to train and empower them as fundraisers, and develop actionable tasks for volunteers to work on. We'll look at best practices to maximize the benefits of your volunteers' efforts and avoid the headaches that sometimes come with volunteer management.

Ready for Your Next Mission Video? Questions to Ask Before Getting Started
(Track: Technology IN Motion)

Speakers: James Copes and Richard Tolsma


Video is an essential fundraising tool. Whether as part of a social media campaign, on your organization's website, or at an event (live OR virtual!) an effective video can make a huge difference in showing impact and raising money. Regardless of whether you plan to hire professionals-or produce your video internally-it's very important that you and your team can answer a few questions before you embark on your next video storytelling project. During this session we'll discuss the "whats/whys/hows" you should consider long before the cameras come out, and cover information that will help you avoid many of the most common pitfalls.

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

50,000 Ft View of Changes in Philanthropy
(Track: Leadership IN Action)

Speakers: Craig Weinrich, Tynetta Brown and Mariah Casias

Believe it or not, the world of philanthropy is changing. Concepts like trust-based philanthropy, equity in grantmaking, multi-year general operating dollars, re-evaluating evaluations, adapting to COVID, disasters, and racial justice, and more are permeating staff and even boards of grantmakers. Lead by staff of three local philanthropy-supporting organizations (Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia, and Philanthropy Delaware), this panel will talk about trends, innovations, and disruptions that have begun to change the grantmaking world. In a safe, and brave space, let's talk about the big trends in philanthropy that fundraisers should know about, so you can engage your funders in new ways, and begin to share power.

Stories from the Road - Major Gifts
(Track: Philanthropy IN Practice)

Speaker: Julie Fink, MS, CFRE


Storytelling is a key strategy for fundraising. Stories bring the data to life, they demonstrate cause and effect and they convey relatable messages. So let’s hear some stories - stories as a major gift officer.  Gain an understanding of the donor engagement process through the narratives of successfully secured major gifts and those that felt flat. This interactive session will offer insight into a prospect vs. a suspect, timing of the ask, navigating meetings that go off track, when a prospect “ghosts” you, and much more.

Harnessing the Power of Public Relations to Increase Fundraising Results 
(Track: Prosperity IN Equity)

Speakers: Liz Hefner, CFRE


We all know that earned media has the power to lift your organization above the noise. Develop innovative skills, gain best practices, and discover new strategies to ensure that your press releases and media alerts make it to the editor's desk by knowing what is newsworthy and what media is most aligned to communicate your story. We have seen the power wielded by influencers, trust reporters, or valued media outlets in the last decade. Harness this power to lift fundraising results by gaining mentions, event spotlights, or campaign support. Through innovation and applying IDEA  principles as a disruptive thought leader raise more funds by adding earned media as one more channel of donor communication above and beyond direct marketing, digital engagements, and event activation. You will learn from a seasoned fundraising professional and an earned media expert during this workshop. They will provide you with tools,  skills, and resources to move beyond the PR basics and have a meaningful impact on your fundraising results.

Smarter, Faster, Stronger: Leveraging Fundraising Intelligence to Elevate Your Strategy
(Track: Technology IN Motion)

Speaker: Jeremy Davies

The philanthropic landscape has changed over the past couple years. BIG DATA and TECHNOLOGY are no longer nice-to-haves, but must-haves to achieve your fundraising goals. Have you been able to make the pivot? Are you using technology to identify and engage donors with greater precision and personalization? Join us as we discuss the changing landscape and philanthropic trends that are fueling prospect development and the intelligence you need to elevate your fundraising strategy.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Grants for Newbies: Are You Ready for Grants? What You Need to Know Before You Apply
(Track: Initiative IN Professional Development)

Speaker: Jax Gitzes, MA

New to the world of grants? Whether you are brand new to fundraising, or just new to grant funding, this session is for you. Come learn how to prepare your organization for grant funding, where to find the right opportunities, and how to secure and manage your grants from start to finish, with tips and tricks from a seasoned grants professional along the way. In this session we’ll cover all the basics of the grants world and give you actionable next steps to take. So come join us and get started raising funds today.

Our Leadership is Talking About a Campaign. Now What?
(Track: Leadership IN Action)

Speakers: Chris Polito, CCS Fundraising and Ken Gosier, CCS Fundraising


It has happened to all of us. Leadership - Executive Director, Board Chair, Head of School, CEO - comes to you with exciting news. Your organization is going to do a campaign. Maybe the campaign will support a "wish list" of priorities. Maybe the campaign will support a new building or program. Perhaps Endowment is the priority. Regardless of what the goal or priorities may be, we know that the first thing to do is to facilitate a Feasibility and Planning Study. Join Chris Polito and Kenold Gosier from CCS Fundraising to discuss how to effectively conduct a campaign planning phase to best position your organization for a successful campaign.

Innovation in Special Events 
(Track: Philanthropy IN Practice)

Speakers: Valerie Johnson, Egypt Graham and Annette Jeffrey


Are your special events struggling, or are you looking for inspiration on how you can creatively update your special events? Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Valerie Johnson, Co-Host of Beyond Philanthropy, with local nonprofit professionals who have come up with innovative special events over the last few years to address the pandemic, the move to virtual events, and other struggles that have faced those hosting fundraising events. 

Integrate or Ignore: Lessons from Community Centric and Donor Centric Voices
(Track: Prosperity IN Equity)

Speaker: Robbe Healey, MBA, NHA, ACFRE, FAFP


Fundraising staff are continuously inundated with advice about how to interpret the organization’s missions to maximize fundraising effectiveness. We are told success requires we:

  • tell better stories.

  • customize our messages.

  • focus on donor priorities.

  • focus on community needs.

  • commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion in a way that demonstrates our genuine commitment to meaningful DEI, not tokenism.

Who is telling us? How do we listen to so much advice, when some of it is telling us to take opposite approaches? Can you pause long enough to consider all the advice and thoughtfully integrate what will work in your shop today?  


Participants in this session will:

  1. Examine the messages and the dominant voices telling us how we need to approach donors and the way we tell our stories.

  2. Consider methods for adopting and adapting the advice to ensure our messaging and approaches will resonate with our values and be inspiring and compatible with our current culture.

  3. Explore scenarios in small groups to discuss and identify some of the speed bumps we may encounter on the way.

What We Learned From 2021: Major Gifts & AI
(Track: Technology IN Motion)

Speaker: Megan Grosskopf


2021 presented several unique challenges, and the philanthropy trends reported in Giving USA highlighted some dramatic changes, especially regarding major gifts. In this presentation, we will discuss what we learned from 2021 and how the emerging technology, including AI, is most effective for analyzing this new data so that organizations are focused on the right donors. Attendees will walk away with new insights on philanthropy from 2021, an understanding of how AI works for prospect research strategies, and how to implement it effectively.

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Doris Parent, MBA

Click here to access the Leading Philanthropy Program Book.

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