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Leading Philanthropy’s speakers are leaders in their fields who have a wealth of knowledge they're excited to share with you. Our full 2022 schedule is below.

Our theme this year:

INnovations in Philanthropy


Our speakers and topics have been selected with this theme in mind providing information, imagination and initiatives specific to a process, product or approach that can offer greater value to the work you do every day in the field of fundraising.  


INnovations in Philanthropy Tracks


Leadership IN Action Track: We cannot possibly transform the world unless we also are willing to transform ourselves. This track will discuss the issues facing philanthropy today and cover topics for current and emerging fundraising executives that address board diversity, cultivating minority leadership and why it matters, and looking at the current trends and changes in philanthropy and what that means for our future.


Philanthropy IN Practice Track: Effective philanthropy requires practitioners that are well versed in the frameworks that makes up a robust fundraising operation. This track will equip attendees with the knowledge and tools that will not only offer a better understanding of each component but create change agents for the organization.


Prosperity IN Equity Track: From gaps to growth this track will provide topics that showcase best practices in the philanthropic sector that demonstrates equity as a path to prosperity for your nonprofit organization. Topics covered include donor relations, empowering your volunteers, understanding and harnessing the power of public relations in your nonprofit and more.  


Initiative IN Professional Development Track: Taking the initiative to see work that needs to be done in your development as a fundraising professional and choosing to be your best self in the workplace is what you will find in the topics in this track. Whether through time management tips and tricks or best practices in a specific skill this track offers new to mid-level professionals an opportunity for self reflection and growth.


Technology IN Motion Track: Innovative technology is being used in every industry and the field of philanthropy is no different. We need to understand the progress that is being made in artificial Intelligence, data collection and research software, and best practices in the use of technology – such as audio and video, so that we are poised to implement these important aspects of our fundraising work.


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